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Forget Me Not Seed Packet Profile

Forget Me Not Seed Packet Profile

Mercer and Latrell (FMNS-25)

     This packet of Forget Me Not seeds is a lovely little extra something for your clients who have lost a beloved pet. Forget Me Nots have been prized for centuries as tokens of remembrance and faithfulness. Little blue flowers can decorate a burial site, or make a bed of flowers to commemorate a pet that couldn’t be buried at home. Glue dots are included for attaching the seed packet inside the card.

    These plants (Cynoglossum amabile) are annuals, meaning they won’t survive the winter, but they should reseed themselves for future seasons. And wildflowers are tough! There is a perennial plant called Forget me Not, but it is fussy and frustrating to grow, so we use this one instead. Planting instructions are on the seed packet.

25 inserts per package, all one message

This seed packet can be included with any sympathy card: this is the note card with the same design.

Product Details Price Quantity
Mercer and Latrell Image $6