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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my cards?

We ship most orders the day we get them, so it depends how far you are from Athens, Georgia. Ground shipping to almost anywhere in the US is five working days, maximum (don’t count Saturday.) We have to ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada by USMail, and it is very hard to estimate delivery times, especially to Canada. Custom printed orders can take anywhere from an extra day to an extra week or two, depending on the product and the quantity. If time is an issue for you on any order, please ask the person who takes your order to estimate delivery time. We can always use one of the expedited services if you need us to.

Why can't I make up my own assortment?

Well, you can, but it will cost an additional $10 per assortment, $49.95 total. Why? Because custom assortments are wildly labor intensive. Our packaging person is very fast and very efficient because our packages and assortments are standardized, and she can really fly. That keeps our costs down. When she has to make an assortment from the ground up, assemble the exact five designs, double check the messages, triple check the designs, and custom label the package, well, efficiency crashes to the floor. Is this worth ten bucks? Maybe. The $10 surcharge is 20% of the price. If there is one design out of five in a package that you really don’t care for, and it keeps piling up in a drawer, then you’re spending 20% more for the cards you do use. Think of it as the price you pay for drawer space, or for never having to send a card that you don’t like. We reserve the right to stop offering custom assortments if our packager threatens to quit.

Why does it cost more to put one of Barx’ own standard messages in a different card?

Because we have to print each package as though it were a custom order, even though it’s one of our own messages. We just can’t keep every card with every message on the shelf, it would be an inventory nightmare for a small business like us. So with that in mind, if you are changing the message in any card, consider making it really custom, and making it really suit your purposes. The cost is the same.

Why are there no sympathy cards with a dog and cat together?

Most people lose one pet at a time, so we think it's more appropriate to have one species on the card. Just as we choose our words carefully at this delicate time, so we should choose the design to reflect the pet they lost. OUr only execption is "Mercer and Lattrell, the one with the "forget me not" message. If you really prefer a dog & cat card for a sympathy message, we can custom print one of those designs for you.

Do you do custom pet portraits?

No. Why not? Sigh. You know, I’d love to be able to, but I am just so slow at getting my paintings done that it’s all I can do to keep Barx Bros supplied with new pictures. That said, I’d love to see pictures of your pets. I show you pictures of my pets all the time. If I end up making a painting from your photograph, I’ll trade you the original in exchange for all reproduction rights. But please, don’t hold your breath, I can’t make any promises.

Why does every card have our name across it?

The real cards don't, of course. That is called a watermark, and it is to prevent anyone from downloading my designs and printing them in another format (that's called "stealing".) I know the watermark is distracting, and I hate that, but I make my living with these things and I have to protect them. On the net a lot of people just assume that everything is free; if you can download it, it's yours. I know you would never, ever do such a thing, of course, but it takes all kinds to make a world.