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Client Advice Sheets

Product Description

There are all kinds of studies that show that people remember precious little of what you tell them...even if they're paying attention. I started thinking about this product after my hairdresser told me that her elderly dog was on several medications, she didn't know what any of them were for, and the dog had refused to take one of them and she didn't know if it was really important or not. This girl loved her dog a lot, but like all of us, she was busy and distracted that day, and nothing had been written down for her except on the pill bottles.

This form is a carbonless duplicate, meant to be hand-written as you explain your instructions. The second copy goes in your chart, so you have a medical and legal record of exactly what that client was told about their pet's care.

The following examples show some very interesting custom-printed variations that our customers have requested. Please note that the design with the golden retriever and fluffy cat is no longer available for custom-printed orders. We still have that design in our stock noncustomized forms. For custom orders, our current design is the "Rogue's Gallery," (five pets on a blue background,) and the cat-only design.

About Custom Printing on this Product: It's easily done, but not through this site. That kind of programming would be wildly expensive, so let's do it by phone and fax. Scribble out your ideas and fax them to us, pick someone else's example and read us your changes on the phone, fax us the form you're using now that you'd like printed on our cute carbonless forms. Placing the order online is fine, but the customizing part requires that we go back to the age of the telephone.

Pricing & Delivery

2-part sets are sold in 250, 500 and 1000 count. Noncustomized sets are sold by the hundred. Some of our customers start with these blank forms until they figure out how they want to customize them.

How to Buy

Custom printing this product is too personalized to do on the website. As a starting point: pick one of our examples, or send us a copy of a form you have been using, or just start from scratch. We will do the typesetting, reproduce your logo, and tweak it until it completely suits you. While we're doing that, maybe a set of 100 of stock forms can hold you over.