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It's been a great thirty-three years
with the best clientele in the world.

Veterinarians and their support staff are the kindest,
most patient and understanding people I have ever met.

It's for this reason I have hung on for as long as I can
despite decreasing sales, but at this point
I am barely making overhead.

So it's time to call it a career.

Barx Bros., Inc. will close in February 2020.

*Clearance Discount is 30% off almost everything. And at the moment I have a lot of inventory, so this is a great time to stock up. Prices already reflect the 30% discount.

*Laser/Inkjet Reminders: When they're gone, they're gone. That product is very expensive to print, especially in small quantities. Feline-only designs are already sold out. Check out our inventory to see which ones we still have

*Note Cards: As I run out of various designs, I will take back orders. At the end of January I will print enough to fill those back orders.

*Client Advice Sheets: I had to print a lot to get the unit price affordable, and now I have lots left over. Clearance price is $5.00 per hundred sets, custom printed or stock forms.

*Forget Me Not Seed Packets: 50% off = $12.50 per 25 packets; when they're gone, they're gone. These are dated for 2019 but will certainly germinate in the spring.

*Free Shipping is no more. It was that or the discounts, and the discounts save you more.

*Guarantees will always be in place. Just please check your order promptly!

*Questions, comments, complaints: 800-344-6004 or Wails of despair will be answered with same.

*Need an email reminder? Send me an email so I can capture yours:

Client Communications for Animal Care Professionals

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Notecards & Accessories

Veterinary Pet Sympathy Cards - Mark the milestones in your relationship with each client: new client, new pet, referrals, and goodbyes. Elegant note cards with classic illustrations convey the significance of your message.
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Client Advice Sheets

Decorated take-home sheets make sure your home care instructions get home with the pet. The carbonless duplicate copy makes your chart record simultaneously.
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Reminder Postcards

Traditional postcard reminders for laser/inkjet printers, three to a page, on healthy cardstock that runs easily through printers *and* survives the mail. Individual postcards for manual systems are available in your choice of our designs, or with your own uploaded image.
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